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 HBEAA gave me the confidence to be a home educator.  The skills they taught me the very first year enabled me to confidently move ahead.  They helped me with my high school requirements and now two of my kids are successful college students.                                                               

Cornerstone Christian Academy

Our Home School has been accredited with HBEAA for over twelve years and it has meant a great deal to our family.  For us, HBEAA has been an incredible source of encouragement and my personal mentor as a teacher. We had our first graduate this year and because of HBEAA we were not only confident in the education we provided for our daughter, but were able to present her with an official transcript from our accredited school. We feel having this will help our children to stand out among college applicants and have a positive impact on future employers. We would highly recommend HBEAA to any family in Home Education.                                                                   

Karen & Mitch Davidson

When our school became accredited, our level of education rose because we had a clear plan for our year.  This allowed me to relax and be a better teacher because I was not constantly worrying about missing something. Another wonderful benefit was that I knew my records were always current and annually transferred to an official transcript from our accredited school recognized by the State of MN.  This proved helpful later as far as the NCAA, scholarship committees, military, and colleges were concerned.                                                                 

AA Academy

Thank you for establishing and maintaining an organization that accredits home schools in Minnesota. It is particularly important during secondary educational years to have accreditation and you offer the home education community a great service! You have assisted our school in facilitating a quality educational experience for our students that has far exceeded expectation and reaped great benefits. Thank you for your support and expertise!

                                                                Logos Academy

happy family
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