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New School Accrediting Fee Total Payment: $450

New School Accrediting Fee PSEO Only: $250
Payment Plan: 

  • Registration    $50.00 

  • Monthly Plan   $40.00 (10 Payments Due the 1st of the Month: July thru April, 5 Payments for PSEO Only - July thru November)

  • Quarterly Plan $100 (4 Payments Due the 1st of the Month: July, October, January & April, 2 Payments for PSEO Only - July & October)


*Virtual Orientations are included with your Application Fee. There will be an additional $25 charge for Individual Orientations.  This fee will be invoiced to you.  Please notify the Office if you prefer to have an Individual Orientation via video conference or phone call.

If you choose to pay by check, we will send you our mailing address once we've received your application. 

We also accept PayPal for credit card transactions.  If you choose to use this option, there will be a $5 convenience fee added per transaction regardless of the amount.

*This payment page is for first time applicants.  If you are a currently accredited and wish to make a payment, please log into your account.

Registration Fee: $55

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Pay In Full: $455

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PSEO Only in Full: $255

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Orientation Dates


Orientations are NOW Virtual! 

Once you submit your application and registration fee,

you'll receive a link to attend at a time of your choosing.

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