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What is the cost?
$450 a year per family for New Homeschools. 
The fee is $400 per year for Renewing Homeschools.

This fee covers ALL children of the family & payment plans are available.

How do I get started?
Complete the Accrediting Application and pay the Registration Fee of $50.

(The Registration Fee goes towards the $450 fee.)


Why accredit?

  •  MN State Testing Requirement is WAIVED

  •  All Required Documents are Submitted to your Local School District by HBEAA

  •  Record-Keeping Management

  •  Guidance with High School Planning

  •  Accountability for Parents

  •  Official Transcript and Diploma

What is the registration deadline?

  • Renewing Homeschools - Renewal forms and fees are to be received by May 31st of each year for the following school year.

  • New Homeschools - You may become accredited at ANY TIME.  Begin the accreditation process by filling out a Accrediting Application.  Please submit Registration fee of $50 prior to your Orientation. (This cost goes towards the $450 fee.)  You will then be asked to attend a Virtual Orientation.

When and where is Orientation?

Orientations are now virtual!  Once you submit your application and registration fee, you'll receive a link, so you can view the Orientation at a time of your choosing. 

Individual video conferencing orientations are also available.  *There will be an additional $25 charge for individual orientations.

Learning Pod
Row of Colored Pencils

Orientation Dates


Orientations are NOW Virtual! 

Once you submit your application and registration fee,

you'll receive a link to view the Orientation at a time of your choosing.


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