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HBEAA (pronounced huh-bee'-ah) was formed in 1989 to provide accountability, guidance, and encouragement to families who have a conviction to educate their children at home.  The dictionary definition of accredit is: “to authorize, give credentials to, to certify as meeting certain set standards.” 


In our homeschool accrediting program, each participating homeschool gains “accredited status” after completing the criteria as set forth in our standards and policies.  Our accrediting association is recognized by the State of Minnesota under the auspices of the Nonpublic Education Council.


We believe that:

  • Parents act in the best interests of their children

  • Home-based educators create a learning environment in their homes which works to provide their children with a well-rounded, individually tailored, and balanced education

  • Accountability promotes excellence


We recognize that each homeschool is by its very nature, quite unique.  This is evident in the differing organizational structures, philosophies, curriculum, and teaching methods used by homeschools.  We value the use of a variety of methods and materials and work to assure the community that quality education is, possible, and even enhanced, in the home.

accredit | verb | ac·cred·it |`ə-ˈkre-dət \ - to authorize, give credentials to, to certify as meeting certain set standards

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