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Accreditation Procedures

  • Submit Accrediting Application

  • Pay Registration Fee ($50)

  • View Orientation Video

    • Link provided after application is received.

  • Complete Required Documentation 

    • Details & Examples given in the Orientation

      • Mission Statement​, Educational Philosophy & Lifetime Goals

      • School Calendar, Daily Schedule & Grading Scale

      • Educational Plans (1 per subject for each student)

      • Site Inspection & Photos

      • Lesson Planner/Log Photos/Screenshot

  *Your Accrediting Team will Review ALL submissions prior to approval.

  • Meet with Accrediting Team for Review 

    • Virtual Options Available!

  • Receive Certificate of Accreditation & Teacher ID

Throughout the School Year

  • Submit Fees & Quarterly Reports by Designated Dates

    • School & Student Progress Reports​

  • Participate in Quarterly School Evaluations

    • Your Accreditor will check-in to verify progress and answer questions.​

  *ALL submissions are made via the Member Site

Homework Help

Accreditation Privileges

  • HBEAA Liaison to Public School District

  • Certificate of Accreditation

  • Notification of Accreditation sent to Public School District

  • Ongoing Record Maintenance

  • Official Diploma

  • Official Transcript

  • Access to Accrediting Team

  • PSEO Credits Accepted

  • Curriculum Choice

  • Co-op Courses & Private Tutors Allowed

  • State Testing Requirement WAIVED (MN State Statute)

  • NCAA Recognized Homeschool Umbrella Program

  • Accountability


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