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Educate & Empower Parent Educators

Our accrediting program provides an annual Orientation, which is required for:

  • All new member schools

  • Renewing member schools as required by the Accreditation Team

In the event that further assistance is needed, we will collaborate with parent educators in locating additional resources.  Our ultimate goal is to make each school the best it can be.



Home Education

When homeschools become accredited with HBEAA, their accountability shifts from the local school district to the accrediting agency.  This enables parent-educators to focus their attention on their first priority, which is teaching their students.  Accrediting with HBEAA offers the opportunity for parents to evaluate their children’s progress using a variety of measurements.
Accreditation demonstrates that a credible educational program has been implemented and is monitored on a continuing basis.  Each homeschool is assigned an Accreditation Team for this purpose.


Accredit Homeschools

We network with groups that monitor the legislative proceedings at both the state and national levels to keep parent educators up-to-date with laws that may affect them.​




Home Educator & Student

Ensure the Rights of Parent Educators

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