Accrediting Privileges and Procedures

Home Based Educators' Accrediting Association

Accreditation Privileges

  • Certificate of Accreditation for your home-based school
  • Notification of accreditation sent to your public school district
  • File maintenance for the home-based school and each individual student
  • Diploma printing for graduates
  • Transcript preparation
  • Accountability
  • Guidance and encouragement from experienced home educators
  • Accept PSEO credits
  • Norm reference testing optional


Accreditation Procedures

  • Apply for Accreditation
    • Fill out membership application
    • Send  registration/orientation fee
  • Attend mandatory Orientation
  • Complete required documentation as taught at Orientation
  • Meet with Accrediting Team
  • Receive Certificate of Accreditation when documentation is completed
  • Educate your students
  • Submit fees, quarterly school reports and quarterly student reports by designated date
  • Participate in the evaluation of your school on a quarterly basis via phone